Top 100 Random Reddit Shower Thoughts

  1. Living with parents is free but you pay with your mental health

  2. Cities will sound so different when all the vehicles on the road are electric.

  3. Funko Pops are Precious Moments figurines for Millenials

  4. There is a possibility that we inherit exact kinks from our parents but we never find out as it’s too awkward to talk about

  5. Pornhub has no outro music.

  6. You never hear about pirating music anymore

  7. Both cheeks in our body have a big hole in between them

  8. It's actually wildly impressive that children even learn language

  9. A majority of people will spend thousands of hours on a highway, but never step on it

  10. being tipsy is 10x better than being drunk

  11. Weight loss is a trillion dollar industry for something you can do for free

  12. Taking rejection well is, ironically, a very attractive trait for a man to have

  13. Steve Austin the 6 million dollar man can lift a car with his bionic arm that is attached at the shoulder to his flesh and bone body but his arm doesn't rip clean off

  14. Phones replacing cameras is incredibly convenient... until you need to take a picture of your own phone.

  15. For anyone living more than 4.6 billion light years away, we don’t exist

  16. You don’t see people giving bunny ears in photos anymore

  17. At some point, kids won’t know who Ash Ketchum is

  18. Nibbler from Futurama pooped dark matter that was too heavy for anyone but bender to lift, but everyone carried Nibbler without a problem

  19. People who brush their teeth twice daily spend more than 24 hours annually just brushing their teeth.

  20. People think the Victorian era is earlier than it is

  21. It cannot be overstated how much of an advantage not having an unexpected child too young is in life.

  22. Children are the cheapest but also the most expensive thing in the world

  23. there is a very small chance that no coin will ever land on heads ever again

  24. Unless you do your laundry naked, you’re never truly finished.

  25. Anakin was one of the only non virgin Jedi yet he had the most virgin energy among the Jedi.

  26. It’s going to suck to be a historian in a couple hundred years

  27. Without super-strength, most people wouldn’t be strong enough to use Spider-Man's powers.

  28. They tell people to get married so they won't die alone, and then half of them die alone anyway because their partner already died.

  29. As soon as you accept that 100% isn’t the top, 110% effort (or anything) is an infinitesimal increase and absolutely worthless.

  30. For all their faults, Boomers left us some excellent rock music

  31. Using sign language burns more calories than every spoken language

  32. Women like arms the same way men like legs

  33. By modern living standards, castles suck.

  34. Dead birds are common, but you never see dead bats lying around

  35. The music industry basically solved piracy through streaming, meanwhile the TV/movie industry has revitalized piracy through streaming.

  36. Unlike info in math, science, or history, people don't complain that learning how to dribble a basket ball in gym is useless in life.

  37. The problem is that in the future historians will have the game disc but not all the day one patches that made it playable

  38. Having a T Rex coexist with a stegosaurus is actually less accurate than a T rex coexisting with a human being.

  39. Jocks are people who are nerds about sports.

  40. Bacteria are constantly pooping inside your mouth and throughout your entire body.

  41. It seems like a waste that after wishing we had a third arm at times, all the most advanced robots still just have two arms.

  42. Having a suicidal conjoined twin is your worst nightmare

  43. Once you own a dog eating is forever a spectator event

  44. An adult who has never had sex is generally considered odd. Going around asking for sex is considered even worse.

  45. Babies make the same noises in every country

  46. Body dysmorphia also includes people who see their bodies as healthy and in shape but they are not as healthy or as fit as they believe they are

  47. The only difference between an incell and a hopeless romantic is the mentality

  48. We engineer irresistible foods then engineer drugs to stop us from craving them.

  49. Neo never had a choice which pill he takes

  50. There has to be a word for when a breeze comes in and tickles your skin

  51. The food industry cheats the law of supply and demand true price discovery by throwing away excess supply instead of discounting it

  52. There are exactly two famous people named Homer. One is possibly the most influential poet in history. The other is best known for being a complete idiot.

  53. Everyone says if you leave bees alone they won’t do anything but they don’t have a problem getting in your face.

  54. Being considered a regular at a restaurant is more acceptable than being considered a regular at the bar.

  55. Thousands of years ago metallurgists was the most sought after skill to have.

  56. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in, first responders are always heroes

  57. Breakfast is the only meal you can eat the exact same thing every day and no one thinks you're crazy

  58. Everyone is really skilled at texting and driving. Until they’re not.

  59. In zombie shows zombies rot so quickly and turn green but stop rotting at a certain point and never turn to bones.

  60. Considering how easy and random it is to die, it's pretty amazing that so many people still make it to old age

  61. Maybe dogs like to find and carry sticks because (ancient) humans liked to have sticks

  62. Truckers will be romanticized like cowboys once self-driving cars take over.

  63. Soon the Xbox 360 will qualify as a retro console

  64. One of the nicest, most casual things you can do for someone is give them half a peeled orange

  65. You never actually stop clapping; the intervals between claps just get longer.

  66. The Internet has made a lot of people addicted to attention.

  67. Everyone loves detectives but hates cops

  68. You don’t see globes very often anymore

  69. You are the center of the observable universe

  70. Earth isn’t the only planet to encompass wheels.

  71. Since the light can't move instantly, you are always seeing the world in the past and never the present.

  72. Life is ultimately just a massive 'try-not-to-die' challenge set on impossible difficulty.

  73. You can never throw away your single sock, on the off chance you find the other one later

  74. People like listening to rap where the rapper describes doing disgusting stuff but when the rapper is caught for doing the same disgusting stuff in reality, they're outraged.

  75. People get aroused by pixels

  76. 'Forest replantation', 'forestry plantation' and 'forest tree plantation' are all homophones.

  77. Fidget spinners are still relatively popular among its targeted demographic.

  78. You know you’re getting old when police officers start looking like kids

  79. Onlyfans and churches both monetize loneliness.

  80. In sci-fi media we’re constantly rooting for AI to be accepted as human, yet in the modern world, we are definitely not doing that.

  81. People don’t get weirder as they get older, they just more openly lean into what they’ve always enjoyed

  82. Half the fun of having a pet is making up silly nicknames for them

  83. It's odd that the most special thing about a unicorn is a horse with ONE horn. It's not like there are herds or two or three-horned horses running around

  84. Silence is loud when you’re trying to sleep

  85. Technically speaking, we have all kicked a pregnant person.

  86. You can be too short to use a yo-yo

  87. Evolution has come so far that it's created beings who argue over it's existence.

  88. Idioms are inside jokes that stayed relevant.

  89. since birds are dinosaurs, and chickens are birds. Wouldn't that make every chicken nugget a dino nugget.

  90. A test with 1 question is more stressful than a test with 100 questions

  91. Hardly ever see a gray candy

  92. With the rise of self-driving trucks, country singers might make songs about how their truck left them too.

  93. When your old friend or family member dies, you lose all the lifelong running jokes you had with them, and that sucks

  94. Your phone has seen more of you than other humans

  95. One of the biggest dangers of Antarctica, a land comprised nearly entirely of freshwater, is dehydration

  96. It’s ok to lock infants and toddlers in cages as long as there is no top on it.

  97. They never show people sitting in traffic in car commercials.

  98. There may be a spieces around that is far better at camouflage than chameleons.

  99. There is an unbroken line between you and the very first living organism

  100. In the future, with permissions, your phone will wake you from a nightmare

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