Top 100 Random Reddit Shower Thoughts

  1. Of fictional clowns, Ronald McDonald has a much higher body count than The Joker.

  2. Having 1 gay dad is far rarer than having 2 gay dads

  3. Considering how much our gut affects our brain, food itself is psychoactive

  4. Being your own boss is great until you realize you're the one who has to make you show up to work

  5. Walking around with your belt unuckled feels inappropriate, but removing it completely makes it okay again

  6. Someone in the future is gonna manage to get malware on their cybernetic implant

  7. In adventure stories, the number of main characters increases throughout. In horror stories, the number of main characters decreases throughout.

  8. As humans get married later and have children later in life, less children will ever meet their grandparents.

  9. You see more suns at night than in the daytime.

  10. Being hangry (angry when hungry) is based on our instinct to be more aggresive to fight and kill our prey

  11. The amount of times you see a butthole in your lifetime increases dramatically with having kids.

  12. There’s a certain radius around where you live where you wouldn’t stay in a hotel

  13. The average prey animal has probably experienced way more trauma than the average human

  14. The last person we think about before we go to sleep is either the source of our pain or happinesses.

  15. A cup of whipped cream weighs a lot less than a cup of carrots, but you will gain more weight from eating the whipped cream

  16. To the outside, humans must seem pretty psychotic. We flash our teeth to show joy. When we like something we squeeze it and we hit ourselves repeatedly when we find something we enjoyed.

  17. In a fight, there are tactical advantages to being naked

  18. Our eating, drinking, talking and working habits have dramatically changed throughout history. But sleeping has basically remained the same.

  19. When sewing up holes, you're just using lots of tiny little holes to fix the big one.

  20. Spiders were probably an absolute nightmare to early mammals.

  21. Air Wick missed out on a great advertising opportunity with the release of the John Wick film franchise.

  22. Tatooine has two suns, yet the objects and inhabitants of the planet do not cast two shadows.

  23. At a certain point in life, having an empty house is not a reason to party, but just a lonely reality

  24. There's not really a friendly way to lock a door behind someone

  25. High school reunions lost popularity with the rise in popularity of social media.

  26. Actors who have appeared in a lot of action, sci-fi and fantasy movies are in for a wild ride if they develop dementia and have moments of clarity.

  27. Reality isn’t relevant. It’s perception that’s everything.

  28. You can technically live the rest of your life without breathing

  29. A solution without a problem is a problem.

  30. Between the boiling hot day side of the moon (250F/120C) and the chilly night side (-208F/-130C), there must be a sweet spot on the moon at which you wouldn’t need to wear any astronaut suit for temperature reasons

  31. The world is so devoid of basic compassion that even the smallest act of kindness is seen as a grand gesture and something special.

  32. You probably agree on some topics with the people you hate the most.

  33. Negativity is a beast that, if you continue to feed it, will eventually become strong enough to consume you

  34. The reason why most people only read titles and not full articles is that most articles are behind paywalls

  35. There are, at the very least, twice as many nipples on Earth as humans

  36. Future generations of kids won't know that cars used to go Vrroooommm

  37. Most of us know better than to click links from random people in an email, but wouldn’t hesitate to click links from random people on social media claiming to have found a content’s source.

  38. We seem surprised when old movies/tv shows predict the future, but they probably just sparked the idea in somebody who followed through with it

  39. Human beings are donuts. There’s a hole that goes from your mouth to your anus.

  40. Everyone owns at least one human skull.

  41. Jason Voorhees is technically a lake monster

  42. The most annoying thing about living in our era is we face problems we already solved

  43. It’s possible that we just came into existence and have memories inputted into our heads, making us believe we’ve been here all along.

  44. In horror movies, dismembered body parts that are in the bad guy’s lair are always white.

  45. When Science raises human life length to 120, retirement age goes to 110.

  46. Socrates & Aristotle had a Platonic relationship.

  47. Given the recent trend of selling nostalgia to millennials, it is entirely plausible that in the next 20 years, we can expect to see a Labyrinth remake starring Harry Styles.

  48. Baby teeth are basicly a tutorial for taking care of tooths

  49. Every living thing is here because of a simple replication accident.

  50. Because men tend to be noticeably taller than women, we perceive faces slightly differently: women see men's nostrils more often than the other way around

  51. People who survive a disaster are considered lucky, but they’re way less lucky than people who didn’t go through a disaster

  52. Considering liquid water only exists over a 100c range, but temperatures range over about 10^32 c in the universe, it's weird we have any liquid water at all

  53. When you're under clouds, you're also under water

  54. Self-deprication is the sincerest form of comedy

  55. In the vast majority of video games, it's totally chill and normal to be homeless

  56. Cities are the human reefs

  57. Pilots are some of the only people who can and sometimes have to sleep on the job

  58. Jello is flavored thick water.

  59. Actors are the world’s highest paid cosplayers

  60. You know billionaires are psychopaths, because their companies don’t even let their own employees live in the single family homes they’re buying up

  61. Part of being an extremely smart species is coming up with extremely creative ways to be stupid.

  62. Countless novel-length personal accounts of history similar to Anne Frank's diary have been written, but will never be discovered or read.

  63. Body parts tend to come singly, in pairs, or multiples of pairs, but starfish just went Fuck it and went for 5 arms

  64. Type of clothing is how you tell whether someone is running recreationally or in desperation

  65. Since dating apps are powered by algorithms, accidentally matching with a psycho will increase the chances of matching with another one in the future.

  66. Fitted sheets are the bed’s underwear

  67. Food abuse kills more people than drug abuse does

  68. George Washington never knew dinosaurs existed

  69. Bullets are the subscription service you pay for to use a gun

  70. People who died before audio recording was invented never got to know what their voice actually sounded like

  71. You only see bodily fluids outside of bodies

  72. When we look 5 years in the future it feels so close, but when we look 5 years in the past it feels so long ago

  73. Ice water refills itself.

  74. Eye washing stations are bidets for your eyeballs

  75. You only know your date of birth because you trust what others tell you.

  76. A lot of people are probably just horny because they're bored.

  77. Social media has shown us how ordinary extraordinary talent is

  78. As a high-end vigilante, Batman probably breaks more laws than the people he puts away

  79. Oysters on the half shell are great. The liquid adds to the taste. But the idea of eating a bowl full of shucked oysters and liquid, cereal-style, is nauseating.

  80. Sprinting for exercise at night really freaks people out

  81. Rich people are cheaper than poor people.

  82. About half of all escalators don't.

  83. Accidental death statistics are probably inaccurate because of murders made to look like accidents.

  84. When you read an academic book, you learn in several hours what took somebody a lifetime to develop

  85. People with no internal monologue must be really good at meditating.

  86. One of the benefits of absent-mindedness is that it makes it easier to live with yourself.

  87. At one point in your life, you just accepted that platypuses exist.

  88. One of your eyes has been closed longer than the other

  89. During your lifetime you probally will indirectly cause another persons death without knowing it

  90. Hockey players are much more likely to be able to transfer skills to soccer than soccer players can to hockey...

  91. Companies who give promotions just before winter holidays can increase their positive image. Those employees will likely talk about their upward mobility at upcoming social/family gatherings.

  92. The day that the secret to immortality is discovered, a lot of people are going to die angry.

  93. You used to be able to gift people music and movies. Streaming services ruined that.

  94. Out of all forms of art, music has the highest repeat value.

  95. The Munsters are the lower-middle class Adams.

  96. Ferris Bueller is who we want to be, but Cameron Frye is who we are

  97. All bananas are strippers

  98. Eventually some doomsday prepers are going to be right but probably for the wrong reason they initially thought.

  99. The problem with age is that you get noseblind to the stench of the way things are

  100. Death is an experience-free experience.

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