Top 100 Random Reddit Shower Thoughts

  1. There must be billions of hours of cell phone concert videos that no one has ever watched

  2. You either come to realise what an idiot you used to be, or you remain as that idiot

  3. No wonder we view the past in rose tint. It’s a natural effect of redshift, since it’s moving further and further away from us.

  4. There must be a set number of videos someone has to make before it's no longer considered amateur porn.

  5. Lead, mercury, and other heavy metal poisoning would be a big problem for long-lived elves, due to bioaccumulation

  6. An honest enemy is better than a deceitful friend.

  7. The person who came up with marriage must have been real clingy.

  8. Wonder woman must hear a lot of sexual stuff whenever she uses the lasso of truth

  9. With so many people scattering the ashes of dead relatives in bodies of water, there is a high probability that you were in close contact with human remains at least once.

  10. Oddly, no mater how scientifically advanced the universe is in sci-fi, there's always someone wearing prescription glasses.

  11. Beating a dead horse is a lot more humane than beating a live one.

  12. Imitation crab is seafood hotdogs

  13. Given how sticky Spider-Man's webs are, that pizza slice must have been really gross and justifiably unpaid for

  14. We spend our whole lives collecting a lifetime of experiences. When we finish, we immediately die.

  15. It is far more common to look like you peed your pants than having actually peed your pants

  16. At day, you cast a shadow on the ground. At night, the ground casts a shadow on you.

  17. In the future, direction indication via clock will go extinct as kids are becoming analog illiterate

  18. Every sock has a hole in it

  19. It's funny how we'll spend hours scrolling through social media, but get impatient if a video takes more than a few seconds to load.

  20. You only need to experience food poisonings once to be careful of what you'll eat for the rest of your life

  21. It's funny how the sound of our alarm clock can instantly put us in a bad mood, no matter when we hear it, even if it's the middle of the day.

  22. Bowling balls are almost always illustrated or painted as black, but in the bowling alleys, they’re always glittery and seldom black.

  23. At some point in the future, you will be the next person on Earth to die

  24. People don't hate Nickelback, they hate the kind of people they think listen to Nickelback.

  25. Archeologists can never find something new.

  26. Moving the contents of an entire house to another typically either costs pizza and beer, or thousands of dollars.

  27. There's a big chance Spiderman never learned how to drive.

  28. Bluetooth headphones must have made the life of pickpockets stealing smartphones so much easier.

  29. You never really know when you hit middle age

  30. Dental floss has to have the highest ratio of unused-part to used-part of any disposable product.

  31. A weird looking penis can ruin any porn movie.

  32. Horses think the entire planet is covered in horse infrastructure and horses. Their lives consist of being born on a stud farm, raised among horses, stabled among horses, going to competitions of sports against other horses. They never see the vastness of the non-horsey wild and human worlds.

  33. You don't consider your clothes dirty until the second you take them off for the day.

  34. Despite the variety of toppings offered at Chipotle. They don't actually offer Chipotle sauce

  35. Making a scratch pot of chili costs about 300% more than it did 5 years ago

  36. Likely, something about the way you act or understand life can be tracked thousands of years back, to the moment in which your many times grand-grand-parents taught it to one of your ancestors.

  37. There must be at least one person through history with world class athletic skills who never gave themselves a chance to succeed because of extreme embarrassment of having to be naked in a locker room.

  38. A cured patient is a lost customer.

  39. It is impossible to see a full sphere

  40. The wind is technically the most intrusive thing on planet Earth.

  41. Rejecting someone physically and rejecting someone mentally are both electromagnetic repulsion.

  42. The first people to find out that your voice sounds different to you on a recording must've been really confused

  43. No one sees the version of you that you see of yourself

  44. Emeralds must not be rare in Oz if they made a whole city out of them.

  45. Life is but a decades-long culling and refining of one's list of what matters.

  46. Numb is described as a lack of feeling, yet numbness is something you feel strongly.

  47. Everything you see, is a solution to a problem. Once you learn what the problem was, you will gain wisdom.

  48. As technology is advancing, Seven deadly sins are digitalised.

  49. It’s pretty easy to confuse anxiety with intelligence

  50. The fact that we are all made up of atoms that were once part of stars is truly mind-blowing and gives us a sense of our place in the universe.

  51. A cat might outsmart you, but a dog will outheart you.

  52. Penises were designed for both coming and going.

  53. Eating a bun with cream cheese isn’t an acceptable breakfast but if you put a hole in the middle of it it suddenly becomes a normal breakfast.

  54. Couples who meet in a weird way always seem to stay together

  55. Although millions of years have passed, there is a very good chance that there’s water on earth that has yet to be drunk by any living thing.

  56. Permanent damage often goes hand and hand with temporary anger

  57. Male honey bees will likely never experience post-nut clarity

  58. Amusement parks and venues can ruin good memories when the core memory is how much you had to pay for it

  59. Don't ever let someone who thinks they're the smartest in the room be a leader.

  60. Modern AI is parasitic in nature, with it's need to suck up all our data, knowledge and creativity to be successful.

  61. For most of human history, mundane everyday tasks were done without listening to music.

  62. Our bodies are the ultimate converter. We produce solid, liquid, and gas. Sometimes plasma if you had tacos the day before.

  63. Reverse cowgirl and doggy style are the same position in zero-G

  64. It feels worse if something bad happens because of something you did, compared to when the same thing happens because of something you didn't do

  65. ChatGPT does for screenwriting what autotune does for music.

  66. Deep space astronauts will be vegans not by choice.

  67. As the day goes on, it becomes more and more socially acceptable to be wearing dirty clothes.

  68. Those who can’t do, teach. But those who can do, often can’t teach.

  69. There's a certain part of the population who knows exactly how large of a cucumber will fit in their anus

  70. People willingly live a life in the Truman show. Monetizing their every move. Down to even brushing their teeth.

  71. At some point bubbly becomes foamy

  72. People who drive school buses are actually student drivers.

  73. In a realistic society, captain underpants wouldn’t last 5 minutes before getting arrested for public indecency.

  74. Qwerty keyboard designer never thought that one day people use qwerty keyboard with only thumbs.

  75. When we pet our cat and she immediately licks herself, she's doing exacly what children do when they wipe their cheek after being kissed, only in reverse.

  76. It's unfortunate that only the living can advocate for changes in how we handle end of life care.

  77. Your content showing up in either facepalm or nextfuckinglevel is based entirely on whether you succeed or not.

  78. One day, completely without knowing it, you'll buy groceries that expire after you die.

  79. Puss in Boots plays guitar because cats love strings.

  80. Considering how often you eat with it fork - it’s incredibly rare that you accidentally bite it.

  81. AI and Deepfake technology will eventually make photo/video proof impossible.

  82. When we're hungry, everything seems more urgent and important than it actually is.

  83. One day there will be companies with enough data points that they will sell you your own biography

  84. Within a few years, everyone’s naked pics will be easily deniable as deepfakes / AI generated.

  85. We spend the first few years of our lives learning to talk and the rest of our lives struggling to keep quiet.

  86. Some animals might have lived their entire live without knowing how they look like

  87. Contractors must feel a little silly installing emergency fire sprinklers over indoor public pools

  88. The word ''crisp'' sounds crisp.

  89. You sometimes hear about a human being raised by wolves, but basically every dog is a wolf raised by humans.

  90. Colorblind people generally have no problem reading different colors.

  91. Noses are scenter of the face.

  92. We often know and like people we work with for longer than the people we went to high school with, and yet we only have school reunions and not work reunions.

  93. Technically, all meat being cooked is being reheated since it was warm while alive, cold when dead, and heated again when cooked.

  94. Soon, you won’t even know who’s an AI on the Internet anymore and who’s not

  95. We don't know what the most sucsessful lie in history was because it is still being believed

  96. Even if humans live 7 billion more years, we still need to leave Earth before the Sun consumes us all

  97. Electric lights didn't come because we were continuously improving candles

  98. Duck Duck Goose naturally disadvantages fat kids.

  99. Needing acknowledgement from the person that harmed you that they did indeed harm you is further proof that you still put their opinions and reality above your own.

  100. All the actors/actresses who played in great movies couldn’t savor their own movies like we enjoy it.

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