Top 100 Random Reddit Shower Thoughts

  1. Men in older generations were more homophobic than our generation but also more comfortable being naked around other men

  2. Often the thought of getting fast food is far superior to actually getting it.

  3. Underwear and socks come in resealable bags but cereal and potato chips don’t.

  4. To pretend like we are yelling, we make our voices quieter.

  5. There are lots of people that don't get any compliments, because everyone already thinks they get complimented

  6. In almost every culture and continent dogs live peacefully alongside people. Which makes them more successful at socialising than people

  7. You never see commercials for the companies that make commercials.

  8. A lot of people have stung their eyes from opening them underwater after seeing people on TV do it flawlessly

  9. 5 meters vertically seems like a lot more than 5 meters horizontally

  10. Before TicTok and Instagram it was frowned upon to film something vertically.

  11. Crust is bread armor.

  12. There will come a day when nothing ever happens: no births, no deaths, no accidents, no major events, nothing

  13. No one ever tells you, you're gonna have to break your kid's heart every once in awhile in order to be a good parent.

  14. A water gun filled with pee is a piss pistol

  15. The glass that the Kool-Aid man is made of seems to be stronger than most walls

  16. The more sleep deprived you get the more dream like everything becomes.

  17. There are certain things in life that we only get embarrassed about because we were taught they're embarrassing.

  18. Scented candles have probably disappointed more people than they have made happy

  19. Microphones are bigger than most phones.

  20. Film actors play characters in a universe where the actor doesn't exist.

  21. After Obi-Wan died, Luke couldn’t polish his lightsaber in private.

  22. Nudists probably have lower water bills because they have fewer loads of laundry.

  23. With his X-Ray vision Clark Kent missed an opportunity to do a lot of good choosing to become a journalist instead of an oncologist.

  24. In the cars universe humans are parasites that take control over the body of a car to get somewhere.

  25. An only child in which one’s parents were also only children have the ability to end their bloodline, which existed for thousands of years, by not reproducing

  26. Salt is one of the only rocks its socially acceptable to eat

  27. The word crackhead is gender neutral

  28. Hackers will pose as a threat if teleportation is invented

  29. The average number of hearts a human uses during their lives is slightly higher than 1

  30. Superman doesn't actually leap over tall buildings in a single bound, he just flies up and over them. He didn't need to lie about that, it's still an impressive feat.

  31. Watching gay porn between two people of the opposite gender is straighter than watching straight porn.

  32. Being young in the early 2000s we took more photos than any previous generation. And we lost most of them to MySpace and photo bucket dying

  33. You don't rub your eyes. you rub your eyelids

  34. Hot and Cool are opposites but they both are positive when used to describe someone

  35. Rule breakers, anarchists, eccentricity, non conformists, selfish, megalomaniacs. Wether we like it or not, they drive society forward and ensure we continue to evolve and survive.

  36. The existence of charities reinforces the idea that wealthy people are moral people as they are able to donate more, despite the fact that often the opposite is true.

  37. We prefer hot showers but hate hot weather.

  38. Kids whose parents are actors must be traumatized seeing their parents die in movies

  39. Deaf people probably get the most sound sleep

  40. We're actually pretty lucky we don't have to brush and floss the rest of our bones

  41. Shoes are always buy one get one free

  42. The word mini is a mini version of its full word miniature.

  43. Short criminals get larger prison cells, relatively speaking.

  44. Hospitals are not part of the Hospitality industry.

  45. When various forms of contraception fail, that’s just life finding a way.

  46. Wheat fields are flour gardens

  47. Every photo is a once in a lifetime photo

  48. The more famous you are, the less secure security questions are.

  49. Eventually, there will be more internet comments written by dead people than there will be by alive people.

  50. Scandinavian prisons seem better than most of the worlds public housing projects.

  51. There’s a chance that Jessie’s Girl grew up to be Stacey’s Mom

  52. Every beach is a nudist beach if you're brave enough.

  53. Everyone who has any interesting skill on TickTock/Instagram/etc. that we decide to appreciate and share is always conveniently above average in attractiveness.

  54. There are garages full of normal boring cars from every decade kept looking new to be used in movies that take place in those decades

  55. Tits are nature’s pillows

  56. Society was much better off back when popular conspiracy theories were mostly about UFOs and mythical creatures like Big Foot rather than other humans.

  57. Thieves in movies are either the smartest people to exist on earth or the dumbest.

  58. A Blind person doing origami is a Blindfold

  59. It's easier to share secrets with strangers than people close to you as you can cut them loose easily.

  60. The U.S. driving license test is extremely easy, because insurance companies make big bucks off inexperienced drivers.

  61. Every map of the universe is immediately out of date.

  62. Nerf gives you the ability to safely hunt other humans

  63. At some point someone will likely take a photo of you that will be used for your memorial service and you'll never even know it.

  64. It’s so much easier to be sleepy/ fall asleep in situations where you know your not supposed to

  65. 100x better is 100 times as good, but 100% better is only twice as good

  66. People are more frightened of public speaking than most anything else, but there are no horror movies about it.

  67. Even if you have a bad memory, you always remember that you have a bad memory.

  68. Being up for something and down for something is the same thing.

  69. Edibles are food that make you MORE hungry.

  70. You know you're in a fancy steakhouse when the steak doesn't come with fries.

  71. Contactless payments will make carrying around cash much less necessary which will adversely affect donating to beggars/homeless on the street.

  72. Dreams prove that we aren't in control of our brains for the most part

  73. Family Feud awards the most points for the easiest answers

  74. Movies at theaters have to be loud to drown out the sounds of everyone eating popcorn.

  75. Water in liquid state can cut through diamonds, but not in solid state.

  76. It's rare to use a suitcase for suits

  77. Every mirror you buy is in used condition.

  78. Minor inconveniences are more often more annoying than major inconveniences

  79. An extraterrestrial threat or attack is likely the only thing that truly unite humanity and bring global peace.

  80. Fishing lures are marketed to catch humans, not fish.

  81. The difference between an excuse and an explanation for a mistake is whether you plan to learn from the experience

  82. In fiction, someone being motivated only by money is portrayed as a bad thing. Yet in real life, that's why most people in real life do most of the things they do.

  83. Ear piercing significantly changes the topology of your body.

  84. We’re the last generations to know a world that didn’t have plastic in everything.

  85. Prostitution pioneered curbside pickups

  86. People tend to think that the death penalty is a lot more harsh than prison, but if the sentence is life imprisonment it's torture for their whole lives

  87. Blowing out birthday candles is a solid test to make sure that someone is alive enough to have another birthday.

  88. Everything is edible, some things just have different side effects.

  89. Maybe cats get cuteness aggression too and that’s why they randomly jump and attack / swipe us sometimes.

  90. People with pets just like to trust that no thief will ever be small enough to fit through their doggy doors

  91. Cat breath smells terrible yet most cats smell fine

  92. Homeless people cannot be placed under house arrest

  93. Tobacco companies kill their best customers

  94. People who wear pijamas in public have either given up on life or living to the fullest

  95. When scientific breakthroughs happen, scientists are the last to believe it

  96. Five without the F, I, and E is still five.

  97. Most people are born illiterate, yet while being unable to read, they learned reading through reading books.

  98. Crossing your fingers when telling a lie is a lost art form.

  99. Trying to win and trying to lose in rock-paper-scissors has the same odds.

  100. An egg sandwich is a chicken sandwich

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