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  1. In the anime, Ash Ketchum was supposed to be a huge Pokémon fan before he left on his journey. But every time he sees any kind of Pokémon, he has to pull out his Pokédex because he doesn’t know what it is. Ash Ketchum was a poser before he left on his journey.

  2. You don’t realize how violent a game is until your mom watches you play it.

  3. The composers and musicians for "Tom and Jerry" don't get enough credit.

  4. If Sid from Toy Story was a character written today, he would probably be a wildly successful Youtuber who blows up toys... just for fun.

  5. The world would be less populated if women were the ones that needed to orgasm in order to get pregnant.

  6. When you cry your brain releases an endorphin to reduce pain and better your mood. This is like the chemical equivalent of your own brain patting you on the back and saying "everything's gonna be okay."

  7. If you spend more than 12 hours per day alone, you can accurately claim that you're usually the smartest person in the room.

  8. Only after getting a new bf/gf you realize how little nice looking underwear you own

  9. A game of minecraft perfectly recreates the history of humanity: start off scared and foraging; create renewable easy source of food; spend time doing ridiculous stuff using endless resources just because you can and you're bored.

  10. 88 is two infinity signs and that's why it was the speed needed to travel through time

  11. We’re disgusted by how giraffes taste pee to find a mate but some humans eat ass for no particular reason

  12. Flat Earthers are probably actors paid by the gov’t to distract the public from the fact that the gov’t are turning the frogs gay

  13. Passing out is the body trying to see if "turning it off and on again" works to fix the problem.

  14. It would be cool to be able to see a pie chart showing the influence everyone in your life has had on making you who you are as a person

  15. If you hallucinate you can use camera phone to distinguish between reality and hallucination.

  16. Fortnite is still early access. It could be canceled anytime without refunds.

  17. At some point, someone will think of you for the last time. That will then be the last of your existence

  18. It's probably a good thing that Hungary and Turkey aren't neighbors.

  19. We pay too much attention to the exterior of a car but we spend almost all our time inside it where the color, shape, style, rims, etc. do not matter much. We look at people the same way.

  20. If it were socially acceptable for adults to skip instead of walk, we'd probably all be a lot happier.

  21. We probably carry our phones on us just as much as people carried their swords during medieval times.

  22. Zombies in popular media went from being caused by dark supernatural forces to viral or parasitic outbreaks. It kinda says a lot about how we used to explain the world around us, and how differently we explain it now

  23. Remember that every corpse on Everest was once a highly motivated person.

  24. If a stranger insults you, you ignore them as their opinion doesn’t matter. If a stranger compliments you, you treasure it, as their opinion matters

  25. Churches don't pay taxes and have lots of opportunity to house homeless or provide a space for them, but most are just expensive marble shrines.

  26. Stephen Hawking had maxed Intelligence, but a 0 in Dexterity.

  27. At some point in your life you probably made a life altering decision without thinking about it.

  28. The difference between a rebellion and a revolution is dependent on who won

  29. Death could be a universal disease and earth is a quarantined zone.

  30. Telling someone that their golf skills are sub-par could be seen as both a positive and a negative comment

  31. No matter how advanced technology is in the future, people will still grill meat over an open flame like cavemen.

  32. Hotel rooms make you somehow simultaneously feel the cleanest and dirtiest you've ever been.

  33. Some of the kindest people you meet have experienced some of the greatest suffering

  34. Making microwave popcorn is the only time loud noises coming from the microwave isn't an "Oh s**t" moment

  35. If you rub one out in space you basically Astronut

  36. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" is actually a terrifying concept

  37. 'Our planet is dying' is no longer a cliche movie plot but our actual problem

  38. Marriage is laying awake at night wondering how the hell someone can breathe so loud.

  39. Friends come and go but enemies accumulate

  40. You know you’re a loner when you have an inside joke with yourself

  41. Pewdiepie's fans are supposedly 9 year olds while Jake Paul's fans are supposedly 12 year olds,yet Pewdiepie's fans are considered more mature

  42. The dinosaur game from Google Chrome is the only game that is impossible to livestream.

  43. If you eat chilli food it is hot, if you eat chilly food it is cold...

  44. The atoms that make up your body aren't yours, you've just borrowed them for about 80 years, and you'll eventually give them back.

  45. People like to throw around the phrase "we're all adults here" as a presumption that solely having lived 18+ years equips us all with the ability to smoothly navigate every possible social situation.

  46. The real mystery of Bird Box is how the children survived without being vaccinated.

  47. Don't you wish you could save some of that tiredness in the morning for bedtime

  48. Surgeons would be really good at Jenga because of their steady hands.

  49. In Avengers: Age of Ultron; Ultron went on the internet for five minutes then he decided to destroy the earth.

  50. One thought on this page can impact and change the thinking of almost 16 million people around the globe.

  51. You don't realize how repetitive a song is until you try singing it at karaoke.

  52. Give "Fortnite" credit for one thing: we aren't complaining about Dabbing anymore.

  53. There was a long process of people burning and inhaling random shit until we got to the narrow options of smokable substances we have today.

  54. At your best, you still wouldn’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person.

  55. From the way people on the street react to them, all dogs must feel like celebrities.

  56. When you're 10 years old, a year is 10% of your life, while when you're 40 years old, a year is only 2,5% of your life. This is why time seems to fly by so quickly as you get older.

  57. It's strange how in Charlie and the chocolate factory, all the winners of the golden ticket spoke English

  58. If you find yourself wondering whether you are stupid, then you are definitely not stupid.

  59. Every January, there are a lot of sales events named after Martin Luther King Jr., a man who often spoke out against capitalism.

  60. The internet and social media has made everyone a stalker to some degree.

  61. Without spaces, "twentycharacterlimit" is twenty characters.

  62. Brilliant ideas are dismissed daily as crazy talk.

  63. You know the system is broken when "Flint has no clean water" has been an anti-joke punchline for years and absolutely nothing has changed.

  64. You could be born at the exact same moment as someone else and have a different birthday if you live in a different time zone.

  65. Thousands of people probably died finding out which food was safe.

  66. Order a box from Amazon and you get a second one free!

  67. Antivax children are just life speedrunners

  68. The 15 minutes of halftime in a World Cup final probably has the most amount of simultaneous pissing in the world

  69. One day technology might be so advanced that video evidence would be deemed unusable in court.

  70. The amount of fake news today makes you wonder about how bad the history is.

  71. Hot air dryers in restrooms are there just to get the water on your hands warm enough that you can comfortably wipe it on your pants.

  72. In Australia, the word 'moist' will offend more people than the word 'cunt'.

  73. In the movie infinity war, Dr. Strange saw all of the endings where he didn’t look into the future

  74. Being a goalie in soccer is like playing reverse dodgeball

  75. You wouldn't actually believe your eyes if you saw 10 million fireflies.

  76. In a post-apocalypse without electricity, DnD will be the highest form of entertainment, and good DMs will be the equivalent of the village storyteller

  77. If potions were real we would probably treat them the same way we do narcotics and hallucinogens

  78. Those blood pouches in hospitals are pretty much vampire capri suns

  79. The Macarena takes up valuable memory space in the brain that we’ll never get back

  80. If you smell someone's fart, then molecules from inside their butt have bonded with nerves in your nose

  81. The colder the weather, the better bacon cooking smells.

  82. If food didn’t have any taste then the texture would become the taste.

  83. Watching a series continuously for 8 hours rather than multiple movies proves that we enjoy short term goals than long ones

  84. In a way, paper shredders are wood chippers

  85. People think that Android users are poor, but people who spend all their cash to flex Apple swag are usually way more poor.

  86. The sugar industry has been successful selling a substance that is addictive, sweet, white, gives you a high, ruins your teeth, ruins your health, cheap and easily available. Pretty much meth.

  87. Life is a game of trying to have sex, while avoiding death.

  88. If humans could breath underwater, chances are we wouldn't have gone to space yet.

  89. The New England Patriots are like the Final Boss of the AFC.

  90. Austin Powers came out in 1997, there probably aren't a lot of cats named Mr. Bigglesworth left.

  91. The older you get, the less of a bargain it feels to get a "lifetime guarantee".

  92. If humans had evolved to be able to drink salt water, we’d be far more efficient, firstly, we’d have discovered the Americas tens of thousands of years ago, secondly, we’d have not fucked up the oceans as bad

  93. There would probably be more push to make Puerto Rico a state if we currently had 49 states instead of 50. People like round numbers.

  94. If email scams used Grammarly a lot more people would fall for them...

  95. Harry Potter remade as a GoT style TV series would be awesome.

  96. Everything gets louder when you’re trying to be sneaky.

  97. We consider the chances of meeting a spy very low, but you never know who the spies are, therefore, you never really know the odds.

  98. Trees probably view telephone poles as cyborg amalgamates of themselves.

  99. Spoons are just mini bowls with sticks attached to them

  100. Humans are just machines that turn food and water into ideas

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